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There is a difference between…

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There is a difference between passion and obsession.
When you are passionate everybody cheers you on, they are stokes for you.
Oh you found your passion? Awesome?
Follow your passion.
Live with passion.
Be passionate
(Chase) Taste your passion
Their words are like: ‘’yay passion!”, right?
When you are obsessed, they’re like:
Why you gotta be so crazy?
Why can’t you be satisfied?
Why do you always got to get things so perfect?
Why do you spend so much time there?
When you are obsessed people think you’re nuts.
So it’s different. And it’s like, I always tell people:
If no one thinks you’re crazy, you’re not yet operating to the outer limits of your potential.
Broadly speaking I agree with the ideas he brought forward.

However, I believe it was passion the reason why you have read so far. Wasn’t it?

Let me give you a vocabulary boost:

-to cheer someone on means to support them (just like football fans do)

-to be stokes for someone means ….well well well , you should know me by now, what do you think it means? Of course it depends on the context and, given the circumstances, It is potentially a metaphorical or figurative use of language.
hope you liked it
Have a passionate day!!!

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