welcome to the edge

I went overboard

as you know by now, read while you listen or even better, just listen

I went overboard,
I’ll tell you later why I used this title I now congratulate you for making an effort and being here today, well done, I am proud of you!
I know how hard it is to make time.
I am glad you did it so I will do my best to give you something to tickle your brain.

I first want to emphasize what really makes a difference when it comes to language learning, you are here for this I guess.
I know it might seem just a cliché but in language learning, as in many other fields, what matters is how and how frequently you practice.
No ground-breaking discoveries have been made in recent years to discredit what I’ve just said.

Practice is key.
You might buy cutting edge literature or download state of the art APPs but what can really give you results is keep practicing.

Now that this is out of the way I can tell you more about this post.

In this month of November that has nothing to offer apart from rain, everyone seems to be on a shopping frenzy. I am rather skint so I cannot splurge and squander my hard-earned cash. So, I did not waste money I only wasted time, which is free and I am lucky enough to have time to kill.
I got into weird facts, now one of my favourite hobbies, I went overboard and spent quite a few evenings researching and I am now about to share my favourite 4 facts.


fact number one:

penguins smell bad
A student told me about this and I got carried away with the idea of Antarctica. The seventh continent. When we think of the frozen desert that is Antarctica, smell is something far from our minds.  Yet, what most people don’t realize is that the cute, wobbly creatures –reek unbearably. They stink!  In spite of the winds and freezing temperature, their stench can be detected from a kilometer away.
Do you wanna know why? You do uh? You can follow the link and read all about it and about how to actually visit Antarctica and catch a proper whiff of a penguin scent.

fact number two now, warning, if you are driving do not try this, ok?

if you close your eyes you don’t see black.

You tried uh?

Welcome to eigengrau.

The german word Eigengrau or ‘own grey’ suggests that it is your ‘own’ colour. You see this shade of grey, rather than perfect black, as a result of a signal from your optic nerves. This phenomenon is also known as visual noise. We perceive it as lighter than black because contrast is crucial to the visual system. For example, the night sky looks darker than eigengrau because of the contrast provided by the stars. Cool stuff uh? More on this here.


fact number three:
do you know Minnie, Minnie who?

You know who, the mouse in a polka-dotted dress ,the Disney character.
oh yes!
Her name is actually Minerva! You don’t believe it….well google it! Again of you are driving avoid doing so and look into that later. I got across this trivial piece of knowledge and I felt like sharing but here comes number 4, ready?

fact number four:
UFO’s have changed name

they are now serious business. So serious, in fact, that they have been given a new name. No longer called UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects, a term often associated with people of questionable sanity, the mysterious objects are now the source of discussion in dignified scientific circles and have been labelled Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UAPs.

I am wary of such things as close encounters of the third kind but I found out about what is known as the ‘’ Fiorentina Stadium Massive Sighting’’ I found it shocking and I wanna share it. The story goes like this:
On a crisp autumn day of 1954 halfway through a football match the whole stadium fell silent – then a roar went up from the crowd. The spectators were no longer watching the match, but were looking up at the sky, fingers pointing. The players stopped playing, the ball rolled to a stand-still.

“They were moving fast, very fast and then they just stopped. It all lasted a couple of minutes. They just reminded me of Cuban cigars” An eyewitness reported

weird, I know, I know

what can I say?
I have realized that we take many things for granted and sometimes double-checking is totally worth it.

Well I hope you liked it, see you next time.


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