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The Unites States of Whatever

by Joshua Webster

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Having spent a large portion of my life living in Texas and travelling around other parts my second home, I feel it’s important to weigh in on the crazy wild western world that is the USA. I grew up learning about America’s brief history alongside being immersed in the individual culture of ‘the cowboy’. In Texas, they pride themselves on producing the best chargrilled meat and famously where you can take part in a 72oz (2.04kg) steak eating challenge. They boast about generating the top bull riders including the communities obsessed with rodeos. Above all else however, Texas is directly responsible for Beyoncé.

What I find incredibly interesting about ‘the states’ is that each one has a unique society attached to it, and that each state you visit offers something distinctive, and we’re not just talking about the food. Span across the map of America (4,654 km to be precise) and you’ll start to understand what I mean. You can go to the city of New York, full of high-rise buildings and a city park so large, it spans larger than Vatican City. Full of metropolitan ‘hustle and bustle’ New York is known as “the city that never sleeps” or more famously, the “concrete jungle where dreams are made”.

You take a trip over to the west coast to California and the atmosphere is not only pleasantly warmer, but the hospitality too. Known for their liberal ideals, the busy city is replaced with a huge stretch of beaches, seafood and endless outdoor activities. I was even there when they recreated a beautiful scene from the movie “La La Land” on the pier. Finally let’s skip over to Colorado, yet another uniquely curious state which prides itself on a combination of city life but also opens its doors to ski resorts across the Rocky Mountains. Also, Colorado claim to be the first state to ‘invent’ the cheeseburger.  

With all this being said, you’re no doubt aware of the troubles America is going through. The campaigning of their potential new president alongside one of their ten amendments being “freedom of speech”, unfortunately this is ‘driving a wedge’ between citizens of the USA. Numerous protests over the horrors of racism in the country & anti-LGBTQ campaigns show that the changes aren’t happening soon enough.

Of course, there are “the bad apples of the bunch” who are attempting to ruin this by exacting their “rights” to talk openly about issues that deemed outdated and factually incorrect. Currently named ‘Anti-Vaxxers’, these individuals believe in some of the conspiracies such as Covid-19 doesn’t exist, vaccines are ways of tracking humans with computer chips or that the earth is flat. In any case, these individuals are assisting in the spread of misinformation, better termed “fake news”.

In my humble opinion, these matters are everywhere in the world and unfortunately, USA is ‘under the magnifying glass’ with the media. What I want to remind people of, is that America, like the rest of the world, is filled with so many intellectual and daring people. Some of whom have treated the world to new discoveries, invested in cleaner energy and most recently, sent astronauts to space. These courageous people are worth remembering through America’s time of misrepresentation. I’m myself am proud of have spent six years growing up in this environment.


Weigh in: To give one’s opinion or analysis of something during a discussion.

Boast about: To speak proudly of someone or something, perhaps to an excessive degree

Pleasant: Giving or affording pleasure or enjoyment

Aware: Attentive and well informed, having knowledge

Drive a wedge: to damage the good  relationship that two people or groups of people have

Under the magnifying glass: Under close scrutiny or examination

Treat someone to: Provide and pay for something for someone as a gift or as entertainment

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