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Smart is the new rich

Do we have to show what we have?

If asked about status symbols, the first thing many of us have in mind is money.
Expensive cars, private clubs, luxury watches, or a big yacht.
Why do we need to show off?

First of all,
What is a status symbol?
Something that reflects our social or economic status. It doesn’t have to be an object . Fame or connections to influencial people can be more powerful than wealth.
Howeve, the new status isn’t about who you know or the riches you own, it’s about what you know.

Basically, ”smart” is most definitely the new ”rich”

In a digital world where everyone can access anything, we crave an experience that can’t be reproduced, a moment that is yours alone. Knowledge is the only capital that counts.
There has been a shift from the material to the mindful. In a world where designer handbags and supercars are now a bit more affordable , intellectual capital and knowledge have become a luxury. If you have wealth enough to buy anything you want, brains become the one thing money can’t buy.

Luckily for us it is totally affordable to have truly remarkable learning experiences. It only takes some time and effort.

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