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Lame Excuses You Should Ditch Right Now

How often do you find excuses not to practice?
Here are the most popular ones and how to fight them or as I said before…ditch them!

#1 “I just don’t feel like it today…”

Even when you’re not in the mood to practice, you’re still mentally and physically capable of doing it. So, just do it!
Catch yourself making excuses and rise above them. The moment you do something beneficial for yourself (even if you feel like you really don’t want to) is the moment you are strengthening your willpower. That’s exactly how good habits are developed—grinding through until it becomes easy.

Instead of saying, “I just don’t feel like it today,” say, “I’m doing this, just a little, because I know it feels good to learn and improve.” Train your willpower and become stronger than your excuses.

2 “I’m too tired…”

Okay, I must admit, this is a legit excuse if you’ve been working night shifts or been on an intensive mountain hike that day.
However, if you’ve been sitting at your work desk for 8 hours straight, this excuse is simply not acceptable.
Now, we’re not saying that office jobs are easy – they are tiring both mentally and emotionally. It might be the case that you often feel tired during a lesson, but, as counterintuitive as it sounds, I can promise that you are meeting your boundary and you are pushing the limit, that is the real goal of practice. And that’s not an empty statement!

3 “I don’t have enough time…”

This is a lousy excuse, and let me explain why. Let’s say your lesson takes 30 minutes. This equals to 2% of your day. If you don’t have 30 min to dedicate to your goals then why are you even reading this?
I understand that schedules can be hectic and that unexpected circumstances lead to breaking our plans but 30 minutes is definitely not too long to include in a routine.
If you are really determined to achieve your goals, you have to prioritize.

Thanks for tuning in!

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