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It’s been a year

Aaalright so I, I don’t really know how to put this, where to start, eeerm, well I’ll be brief and I’ll go straight to the point.

It’s been a year.

It’s been a year since I started this website and I, I don’t know, I have to, I have to because I feel like celebrating so I have to celebrate.

It’s been a year of intense growth but this is just a platitude.

This is what, you know, everybody celebrating something (anniversaries or big achievements) says, that it’s been ups and downs and it’s been full of… No!
I just want to celebrate for the sake of it. I just wanna say: It’s been a year.
Calendar year.
It’s like… celebration of our own birthday, I think it doesn’t make sense. I think I lost interest in celebrating my own birthday many years ago. Not only because I am getting old, it’s just because getting old is not an achievement.
So what I want to celebrate apart from the calendar year is the fact that I eventually bought a caravan, a camper or a van or RV (recreation vehicle) whatever you wanna call it.
Yes I have been running my own business for years now and I don’t even remember when I decided to set up my own business but last year I took a further step and I decided to just teach on-line and I was dreaming of doing so, remotely, from potentially and virtually anywhere on the planet.
Well, to cut a long story short, this never happened. I only taught from my home, from my grandma’s flat, from my mom’s flat, or from some rooms I rented in the area or I managed to go to the beach once. But it’s not really what I was expecting, this nomad life. So what I basically did for a year was saving up money so that I could buy a van and this happened. This is just the amazing thing of having a plan and going for it.

Frankly speaking I…I mean, it wasn’t that easy, I mean I had this, I’ve had this in my head since I left the school I was working for but the things were not really going smooth. So it was a little bit of a bumpy thing. So…looking around some schools had gone bust or just it wasn’t easy. It’ not only about making a profit, it was more about being focussed, and even though I’ve always been good at managing to balance the books and the cash flow was healthy, yes. Saving up for a goal, you know, saving up to buy something that you dream of it’s somehow rewarding itself, the saving part. Let alone the buying thing, and the thrill you have when you buy something new and buying my own office on wheels has been epic. I just have no words for this, I don’t know how to describe this. So I didn’t have a deadline to meet but somehow I had the summer in mind. Why? Because yes it’s been a year but also because I don’t wanna be stuck somewhere during the winter as I did for the past 2 years. Everybody else on the planet has been stuck somewhere but I don’t want to just be in one place, once again.

So, this is a big announcement: I’ll be on the road!
As the website says, so I’ll be teaching English on the road and I’ll be learning so much and, well this is my story of the month and my story of the year. It’s not a story about achievement , is more.. ‘cause what I strive for, more than achievement, I strive for fulfilment and it’s not about being successful but being satisfied, being content with what you doing with what I am doing and I am really looking forward to what’s coming next. Even though it’s gonna be like just teaching from a box on wheels it doesn’t matter.

This is where I wanted to go and this is where I got to.

And it’s amazing, it is a fulfilment, a feeling. I feel just ecstatic in a way…of course I tried to use as many business vocabulary items I could in this audio, so that you could, you can practice and you can improve. And this is my mission with this podcast all the time I try and use as many new items of vocabulary, as many expressions and time tenses I can. I hope you enjoy and well, enough blablabla about me and …I’ll catch you soon.

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