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If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands…

Leggi ed ascolta allo stesso tempo

If you’re happy and you know it and you really want to show it…. that’s how the song goes. Anyways:
Is there a problem with happiness?

Well, if not a problem with it, there is a problem about it, the inevitable expectations.

People go out of their way to achieve happiness but I tend to disagree with the mainstream concept of happiness.
It’s supposed to be a kind of active state of bliss. Therefore, the ideal goal would be to find a way to be happy, or blissful, or joyful (or whatever floats your boat) all the time.
This kind of aim, though, not only puts an unhealthy amount of pressure on us—it is altogether unrealistic. In that sense happiness is indeed an overrated waste of time.

Come on, think about it, we cannot be realistically happy every waking minute of every single day. There’ll always be ups and downs. And if we don’t find a way to cope with that—if we’re instead keen only on retaining happiness at all costs—then we’ll ultimately make ourselves miserable. So, ironic as it may seem, the relentless pursuit of happiness can in fact be counterproductive, unhealthy, and a major source of anxiety.

So, if happiness is not actually the answer, what are we supposed to be pursuing? Well, as I mentioned before, the thing about happiness is that it’s temporary; it comes and goes like a tidal wave.  
What do we do during those times when it’s gone?
Can we learn to be okay even then?
What could be something that can be present even when happiness is absent?

In short, I guess what we should be striving for is peace, serenity, tranquillity but more than anything PASSION.

That would be a better goal, to aim for passion. Real passion doesn’t always give pure bliss. It can give sorrow and disappointment but when we look back at what we achieved there can be no trace of grief, misery or regret. There can be nothing but solace to be found, the solace and the comfort coming from having lived passionately to the fullest.

Mindfulness and meditation techniques, sport, music, the arts, volunteering or why not learning a new language and culture, making friends and being reliable or present for them. Anything that makes us thrive and yearn for more, albeit making us feel slightly uncomfortable, can be done with passion and no, if you ask me, there is nothing as rewarding as passion.

I have to confess, I wrote this after having googled ”happiness is overrated”. I had something in mind and I found this article that summed it up really well. I read it and I basically got the gist of it. Then because I truly agree with it and I think likewise , I deliberately copied most of what I read with… passion.

While I was writing I was with my nephew, he was busy being a child. My typing must have been quirky to him ‘cause he came beside me, tilted his head on a side and with a smirk on his face gave me an inquisitive look ”what are you doing?” he asked. I replied I was writing for my website, I said I was working. Then I thought ”can I actually say I am working even though I do not get paid for it?” I guess the answer is one and one only… I do it just for the sake of it, it doesn’t matter if it brings me joy or woe, I do it for passion.

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