Let me tell you why it is called learn english on the road

Let me tell you why it is called learn english on the road.

Well, the idea of course is the metaphor (of) of learning (as a) as a journey.

Because every time you learn something new you’re like taking a step forward and so …
I don’t say you become someone else but you definitely become someone different
(eerm) than when you started, you know?, every time you take a new step you are somewhere different and the setting changes, the environment changing and you’re pushing the limit, and you are getting out of your comfort zone and, well, it’s not gonna be easy…yeah? no one said it’s gonna be easy but I can definitely help you with that and I would be excited and honoured to be on a journey with you. If you could take me there with you (I) I would just love it and I have done this for many years now and every time is a new joy a new emotion and (eerm)..well I’m on the road myself, my road has been hilly for many years (and..) but I’ve always enjoyed the ride.

Journey: travel from one place to another. (travel, journey, trip...)

To take a step forward: to make progress, to make a transition

Definitely: without doubt.
Careful with pronunciation! how many syllables are there?…definitely…..5? nope…4 syllables , stress is on the first one: Def-i-nite-ly practice it here.

Hilly: rough , unsmooth as in full of hills.

Enjoy the ride: enjoy something which is about to unfold

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