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By Joshua Webster

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Gaining attention from consumers is becoming more competitive, as companies try to appeal to human kind through many ways of advertising.

Look at how Apple market their products. Every year they release a new phone, tablet, watch and computer. Yet somehow, everyone always wants these products; better yet, desires them.

With use of attractive imaging, the ‘next best’ technology and build-up through social media, these products are always so attractive that people cannot resist buying the brand-new gadget. Even when most of the time there is nothing wrong with their current device, they crave the next purchase even more. Does advertising create addiction? A desire that grows more and more with each new product? I think we all secretly know the answer but sometimes, we prefer to ignore it.

I brought this discussion to a lesson this week, and this created a very controversial conversation. The guys first of all claim that “The advert gives me anxiety, it’s so fast – I have no information on this phone”.
Pivo claimed that “The advert creates a sensation, how you will feel with this product – You will be the best. It is like hypnosis”.

It’s true. This advert is like hypnotism, tempting you into the believe that you will be an elite person if you own this phone. Quick cuts, exciting music and impressive visuals help sell the phone without telling you too much about it.

Pivo also shared another example of these advertising techniques. Gucci have utilised these techniques, with the introduction of another element; famous individuals. The inclusion of two famous rappers, A$AP Rocky & Tyler, The Creator alongside long time rocker Iggy Pop, help glorify this brand. The music, the graphics, the scenery – this sells a story that if you buy Gucci products, you’ll be cool like these guys.

Another example might be a familiar sports brands such as Nike or Adidas. They are very smart at advertising their products, also including famous people such as veteran Basketball player, Michael Jordan and iconic rapper, Kanye West to help sell their merchandise. They additionally have their products displayed by sports teams through sponsorships, in order to expose the world to their image and, make these products more desirable.

Advertising is a very powerful tool. Companies want you to buy their products, by appealing to the interests of their customers. With social media dominating the world, companies look here to further reach customers. Again, in our discussion, the guys point out that Instagram is a perfect fit for this, utilising pictures and short video clips that unlike television “you cannot skip, they are always there”.

Even with the fact that we can’t skip the adverts, sometimes it seems that big brands want us to buy their products whatever it takes. But let’s not forget that they do also provide comfort, quality, reliability and familiarity. Using an example of food production. People all around the world have occasionally gotten food poisoning from Michelin Stars restaurants, yet no one has bad illness experiences from going into the McDonalds. Their reputation is as important as the product themselves.

One final point. Slogans in advertisements can be very powerful. Can you name these ones?

“I’m loving it” or “Just do it

I bet you can. Why? Because they are everywhere. And their main purpose is to be everywhere.

All said and done, it is important to recognise these techniques, knowing how to avoid being tempted into unnecessary spending. Like Tucci and Pivo stated, they are not captivated by this adverts, as they are stronger than this, however can recognise how cool the advertisements are. Next time you buy something, just think “Why am I buying this thing?”.


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