My dream job …as a child

Ascolta l’audio prima di leggere, (poi leggi mentre ascolti) 🙂

Hey I’m super excited, I don’t know where to start from and I guess I’ll…I’ll start with one of those tasks I normally give to my students, which is …

‘’talk about yourself’’

so I will talk about myself and you might have understood from the picture or may…maybe not!

I will talk about my dream job as a child.

You know every child has a dream job… maybe doctor or firefighter or astronaut or policeofficer…but when I was a child my dream job was STREET CLEANER,

yeah, I was fascinated with their three wheeled motorbike. It was amazing.  I remember everyday on my way to school, my mum would drive me to school, and I was just glued to the window of the car looking at them, they were enjoying it.

They were really having the time of their lives, I thought.

That was amazing, watching them smiling at people, very cheerful, riding around (in …) town (in..) outdoors …I thought that was the best job ever!

and I remember telling my mum.. ??Mum, that’s what I wanna be when I’m old’’, and my mum would just nod, probably she was happy for me, she would say ‘’well, yes, if that’s what you want, why not?’’…

..and the funny thing is I applied for that company once. I applied for the cleaning company but I was never offered the job, yeah, so that’s a dream that did not come true.

Well that’s my story. That was my dream job as a child, if you feel like sharing yours, why not?, that’s actually great! So I would like to hear from you..WHAT WAS YOUR DREAM JOB AS A CHILD?

Let me know.

Guess: to guess also means to think or believe (My plane leaves in an hour, so I guess I’d better be going.)

Task: something that you have to do, often difficult or unpleasant

‘would’ + base verb: has a very similar meaning to ‘used to’, indicating a past habit

Have the time of one’s life: to enjoy oneself very much to have a lot of fun

Cheerful: noticeably happy and optimistic, causing happiness by its nature or appearence

Nod: say ‘yes’ with one’s head

Actually: as the truth or facts of a situation; in fact or really (5 ways to use ”Actually”!!!)

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