welcome to the edge


Celebrating life

A few weeks ago, on istagram ….naturally,I saw a picture of a pint of stout. In the background there were […]

”fail with me”

-a name for a school- I’ve read somewhere once: “a winner is a loser that never gave up”. I kind […]

I went overboard

I went overboard,I’ll tell you later why I used this title I now congratulate you for making an effort and […]

UK Celebrations

By Jamie Hepburn UK Celebrations   As October rolls on, the UK approaches the start of its bustling, festive season. The […]

Writer’s block

By Charlotte Barrett One day, someone came up with the name writer’s block. Like it’s a disease or a compulsory […]

You Alright?

By Jamie Hepburn As non-native speakers, it’s common to become so focussed on learning the technical elements of English – […]

It’s been a year

Aaalright so I, I don’t really know how to put this, where to start, eeerm, well I’ll be brief and […]

A cosa serve il blog? Semplicemente per allenare l’orecchio e imparare parole ed espressioni nuove. Leggi e allo stesso tempo ascolta, poi approfondisci il lessico cercando le parole in neretto e le espressioni evidenziate (phrasal verbs, idioms)